San Bernardino, CA – The Cal State San Bernardino Police Department is facing a civil rights lawsuit after a Sergeant drew his gun and pointed it at a Corporal during a briefing meeting on campus.

The incident, which was caught on video, occurred on September 15, 2020, as Sergeant Scott Denhart facilitated a briefing for Corporal Mark Beitler and two additional officers. As the officers engaged in dialogue over the Sergeant ordering the officers to escort individuals who were not wearing a mask off campus, Denhart drew his gun and pointed it at Beitler’s torso. Beitler was distraught and traumatized by the incident and reported it to department administration. The two officers that witnessed the encounter were equally shocked.

Despite the severity of the incident, it was swept under the rug, and comments were made about not wanting to create issues for Denhart as he approaches retirement. Beitler also filed a police report with the San Bernardino Police Department for the assault, yet no investigation was completed, and no legal action was taken against Denhart.

As facts of the case come together, it has been discovered that Denhart has pointed his gun at officers on prior occasions, to include Beitler and others. What’s further disturbing is that Denhart is a supervisor and a Rangemaster who is tasked with firearms training.

“Sergeant Denhart has no business wearing the badge and carrying a gun,” states Attorney Tristan Pelayes. “He is a disgrace to the profession, and I am grateful that nobody has been injured, or even worse, killed by his egregious conduct. The lack of response by the Cal State San Bernardino and San Bernardino Police Departments is unacceptable.”

Preparations are being made to file the lawsuit in the near future.

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